Investing in Music

How about this for an investment idea: Acquire parts of the performance or mechanical royalty rights of your favorite songwriter and/or artist and secure for yourself a steady income as the music is repeatedly played.

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Left to right: Christian Moore, Klaus Lovgreen, Sir Roger Moore, Markus Lehner and Geoffrey Moore

In 2010 we decided to establish the MultiMediaFund which would focus on investing in blockbuster movies, music and other intellectual property rights, including game titles and books. The pursuit continues...

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Cloud data crunching

Managed Services, in my mind, is the way to go for an increasing number of tasks, and with the evolving speed and reliability of communications in general, managing even complex tasks remotely is completely viable, and will be simple plug-and-play utilities in most cases moving forward.

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Thoughts on ip

Should intellectual property rights be protected, as we move forward? Absolutely – but we need to keep in mind that the world has changed dramatically these past few years, and consumers now expect instant access to any content from anywhere and on a variety of devices.

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Brand new day

Sunrise photo by Rainer Brunotte

As electronic media and communication continues to evolve, positioning your company and products online as well as for mobile platforms are the keys to success almost regardless which industry you are in.

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