Mobile? appSolutely!


Mobile applications are  changing the way we use the internet  – in fact they are changing the devices we use and being connected all the time is reality  for millions of people already.

To get an idea about where the mobile internet is now and where it is going, I recommend you take some time (about an hour) and listen to Eric Schmidt from Google explain at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on February 15, 2011 where we are heading and just how quickly things are moving.

is your business mobile?

Is your business positioned on the mobile internet? What sort of experience are users getting when visiting your website from a mobile device? If you are in the e-commerce space have you taken the time to check how your shop works (if at all) on a mobile device?

It is not only about apps (although it is the buzz word at the moment) – it is about the whole thinking and planning of being available on the various platforms and not least devices that your customers are using now and in the future. The consumers are all looking for the best smartphone for the money out there and expect a great experience when they use your service on their phone.

content on a coke can

When people asked me what I thought was the next big thing on the internet while I was at AME Info I was always replying that it is not so important what is next as long as you are there – so even if one day we were able to deliver our content on a can of Coke – then that’s what we should be doing.

The reason for that is of course that to reach your customers you need to be available where they are – so at the moment that means among other things having a presence on some of the many social networks and to ensure that your message and service are available and functional on the next generation internet – the mobile internet.